A future beyond growth



The FORMAS funded research programme ”Beyond GDP-growth: Scenarios for sustainable building and planning” has been running between 2014-2019 and has been completed.

The aim of the programme was to investigate, with the help of future scenarios, what could happen to Swedish society when growth is not seen as an end in itself, but when the focus is instead on meeting sustainability goals.

On this website you can find all publications, podcasts and films from the programme and here is the programme's final report in English Pdf, 5.3 MB..

The programme will not continue, but there are several projects that are based on lessons learned from it such as Mistra Sustainable Consumption and the project “From scenarios to change: Tools for sustainable transitions on local and regional levels” which is expected to start in January 2020.

For any other questions or inquiries, please contact the programme managers Göran Finnveden and Åsa Svenfelt at KTH.

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