About the project

The programme explored what happens if the taken-for-granted GDP- growth is halted. The aim was to explore scenarios for developments beyond traditional BNP-growth, understand the implications of such development within the field of planning and building, and subsequently develop strategies and policies that can be used for sustainable urban planning and building in Sweden.

Specific objectives were to:

- Explore operationalization of environmental goals and social goals, in terms of planetary boundaries, social and economic equity taking into account gender, age, ethnicity and class dimensions and their intersections, participation and democracy, in the context of Swedish building and urban planning on different scales

- Based on the above, explore in case studies together with stakeholders, what sustainable societies may be like, assuming degrowth, zero growth and low growth.

- Analyze impacts for the building sector and management of the built environment; for organization and financing of welfare services, for transportation and infrastructure and for the citizens’ everyday social practices.

- Develop strategies and policies for the abovementioned fields, i.e. how actors within planning, policymaking and civil society can be prepared and/or plan for weakened economic growth in the future.

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