Implications for policy and planning

The central task in this work package was to identify key criteria for the development of policy-making and planning that has a capability to enact fundamental transitions in planning, building, mobility etc and still meet basic requirements of public/stakeholder involvement, transparency and accountability.

Focus was on participatory and deliberative approaches that stimulate mutual learning and have proven to enhance efficiency, goal achievement policy acceptance and policy effectiveness (Forester, 1999, Papadopoulos and Warin, 2007, Lucas et al., 2008). Key challenges were identified for policy making and planning that appeared in the three future scenarios. The work package critically discussed what type of policy and planning approach is most feasible to produce robust results with high relevance and legitimacy for a broad range of stakeholders.

The work package was led by Karolina Isaksson, VTI and Peter Stigson, IVL.

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