Here your find relevant litterature from the researchers in the programme.

Circularity in the built environment – a call for a paradigm shift
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Hornborg, A.
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Sustainability discourses and justice: Towards social-ecological justice
Ulrika Gunnarsson-Östling och Åsa Svenfelt
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Waiting for Degrowth: How to Think about the Anticipated Decline of Economic Affluence in The End of Growth as We Know It: Contributions to the Political Economy of Degrowth
Alf Hornborg. 
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Ekonomi för Antropocen
Österbergh, R. & Malmaeus, M.
Carlsson, 2018

Redesigning Money to Curb Globalization: Can We Domesticate the Root of All Evil? The Anthropology of Sustainability: Beyond Development and Progress
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Nollsummespelet: teknikfetischism och global miljörättvisa
Hornborg, A.

Utopiskt tänkande för framtidens transportsystem
Isaksson, K.
Kapitel som ingår i Avner, Eva, Granath, Gunilla, Hasselgren, Björn, Herlin, Bo, Lundkvist, Elisabeth (red) Att slakta en guldkalv: Visioner för ett hållbart samhälle, pp. 176-186, Carlssons, 2015

Exploring the space of alternatives: Heuristics in sustainability scenarios
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Malmaeus, M.

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