Conference presentations

Home-front transitions beyond growth: a Swedish case - Pernilla Hagbert, Karin Bradley. (Paper presented at the 5th International Degrowth Conference, 30/8-3/9, 2016, Budapest.)

Bike Kitchens – Spaces for convivial tools - Karin Bradley. (Paper presented at the 5th International Degrowth Conference, Budapest, 30/8-3/9, 2016)

Strategies for degrowth in a Nordic context - Karin Bradley, Pernilla Hagbert, Erika Öhlund. (Special session at the 5th International Degrowth Conference, Budapest 30/8-3/9, 2016)

Sustainable development goals for cities - Göran Finnveden, G och Ulrika Gunnarsson-Östling. (http://jpi-urbaneurope.eu/app/uploads/2017/04/Finnveden_Gunnarsson-Ostling_Sustainable_development_goals_for_cities.pdf )

Connecting the Dots by Obstacles? Friction and Traction Ahead for the SRIA Urban Transition Pathways - Joint Program Initiative Urban Europe - In Bylund, J. (http://jpi-urbaneurope.eu/connecting-the-dots-by-obstacles-friction-and-traction-ahead-for-the-sria-urban-transitions-pathways/)

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